Are you passionate about youth ministry?

In order to establish a vibrant and healthy youth ministry, New Monumental Baptist Church has affirmed
that we must seek out a leader that is relevant and vigorous for the position of Youth Pastor.
This position should be one that is well thought out and prayed over for the valuable assignment
of watching over and guiding our youth.
Following, but not exhaustive, is a list of initial criteria and characteristics that should be
considered in fulfilling this position:
1. The youth leader should be noticeably saved, both by confession and lifestyle.
2. The youth leader should have an acceptable background (that will be checked for security
3. Be a person of vision:
A. Understand and embrace the vision of NMBC and be able to articulate such.
B. Develop and implement for the Youth ministry, a mission to achieve church vision.
C. Select, plan, and instruct curriculum and lesson plans for the youth (both Wednesday
evenings and Sunday mornings). This should be presented to the Senior Pastor
quarterly with a 30  day window of implementation).
D. Develop an outreach ministry plan.
E. Develop a youth fellowship and relationship developmental plan.
F. GROW the youth ministry innovatively. Present a suggested growth model.
G. Find and attract other leaders that will assist in the youth ministry.
H. Partner with Music ministry to produce the yearly Christmas presentation.
I. Plan and develop Vacation Bible School in a timely fashion.
J. Coordinate all activities with the youth and other ministries of the church.
4. Display strong administrative skills
5. Must be able to engage and excite the youth about ministry.
6. Must be able to engage parents & the congregation into youth ministry.
7. Must be able to connect with & follow leadership of New Monumental.
If you fit the criteria, please send a resume & letter of intent to the church office at or 901 Woodmore LN Chattanooga TN, 37411