Are you a part of the family business?

We are so glad that God has been sending new members to join our growing family every week.  We are excited to see the amazing things God’s going to accomplish through our efforts. We are a church that is poised to turn around our families, our community, and even our city. With that being said, it takes the effort of every member and believer doing their part for us to be most effective. We are encouraging every member of the family to get plugged in and active. Be active in attending Worship, Sunday School, & bible study. Bring your children to church and bible study with you. Also, get involved in a ministry. You have something great to offer the kingdom of God. Whether its greeting guests, singing, praying, cooking, teaching, visiting the sick, working in the nursery, or any of the other ministry opportunities we have available, we need you! This week call the office, speak with a deacon, or minister to find out how to get involved. You can visit the ministries page on the website for a list of ministries. Let’s turn around our communities for the kingdom of God! We are family!